Error Downloading data to device in Field Maps

02-26-2021 08:15 AM
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I am facing the issue for offline data. it was working fine and suddenly throwing the issue. 


I am using ArcGIS Field Maps IOS Device with arcGIS Enterprise 10.8


Error executing tool. CreateFeatureServiceReplica Job ID: j14edc17dff6842f2b73524a60c0919e7 : ErrorMsg@SyncGPService:{"code":400,"description":"Failed to create replica."} Failed to execute (Create Feature Service Replica). System/SyncTools.GPServer Table not registered [main.stands]. System/SyncTools.GPServer

In ArcGIS Server Logs


In Device Logs, 

create replica., NSURL= responseJSON={ error = { code = 400; description = "Failed to create replica."; }; lastUpdatedTime = 1614295246000; replicaName = ""; resultUrl = ""; status = Failed; submissionTime = 1614295236000; }, NS



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Hi @vijaybadugu ,


Have you tried creating a replica outside of Field Maps (at REST or using another app)? This could help determine if its a service or app issue. 

Have you tried using preplanned offline areas?




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Hi guys I have the same error, any solution?

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