Error creating an offline area when join view layer in web map

03-01-2023 05:29 PM
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For the past few years we've used web maps in Field Maps that have join view layers (for reference only by our field crews). For example, we have a web map for our fish biologists to record the location where they deploy scanners to detect tagged fish. We subsequently record the number of fish contacted in a related table. We then join the layer and table, and display that join in the web map so they can quickly see the number of fish contacted in each location. This works fine when they use the web map online, but when they download an offline area, it presents the following sync error despite the fact that all the data does sync: 

Sync Failed

Feb 28, 2023 at 10:50 AM
General errors
Unable to synchronize replica.
Sync replica internal error - cfd604c1-1a02-4743-81c9-f037eaaab4e0

We did attempt to find a fix for this previously, but I just wanted to ask the vast GeoNet Universe if anyone has found a way to get rid of this bothersome error. We've already tried enabling sync in the join definition, as well as setting hasStaticData=false. 



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