Error Code: 7005 Unsupported layer type in Field Maps

03-03-2023 11:55 AM
New Contributor

Hello, I am a new user of ArcOnline and Field Maps. I am experiencing an error within Field Maps and wondering if anyone has advice for troubleshooting? The error code is 7005, "Layer type is not supported".

When I open my map in Field Maps, my layer of x,y coordinate points do not display and there is a message that reads "Unsupported layer type" underneath the layer name. I'm not sure why this is happening as this layer displays just fine through ArcOnline, where I created the map. This was a csv file that I imported into ArcOnline and only contains 3 columns...x coordinate, y coordinate, and the object ID name. 

Has anyone else experienced this error before?

Thanks in advance!


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