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Editing the Utility Network with Field Maps

08-06-2023 08:38 AM
New Contributor

What is the timeline for Field Maps releases that will support editing the Utility Network while connected.


What is the timeline disconnected viewing and editing?


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Esri Contributor

Hi @FenuxLabs 

We are currently assessing the editing workflows organizations would like to achieve in the field with the Utility Network. This is a high priority item which we are working on but do not have a release date set. We will be sharing this as soon as we can but to set expectations it will not be until 2024. 

Would you be open to sharing your use cases for editing? If yes let me know and I'll send through details for us to talk further.

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New Contributor

Use Cases:

  1. GPS a point, and allow the item to be moved and to have associated pipes move with it.
  2. Add features of any kind.
  3. Field crew conducts a trace and tells them which valve they need to close. So they would then need to edit the attribute to "closed".
  4. Editing related table records.
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Esri Contributor

Thanks Ben. Is that in prioritized order? To clarify you see the team in the field:

  • Being able to move existing features and have associated features move automatically without further edit operations.
  • Adding both the geometry and attributes of new and existing assets that participate in the Utility Networks
  • Teams needing to run traces before and after edits to the UN.
  • Perform asset inspections using a related table model

What devices would the teams typically use, phones, tablets, laptops? Would your team typically be working with point features?

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Occasional Contributor II

I'd like to add that for our organization, we like to restrict field edits to updating a few selected fields and adding/deleting attachments. We didn't allow field users to add or delete features or update geometries with our Geometric Network data, and we were able to publish services that let us lock things down this way. The Utility Network currently requires all editing options be turned on when you publish.

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New Contributor III

JC - You can set the services to limit users options.  In Server Manager click on the service and go to Capabilities - Feature Access.


You can then check or uncheck the ones you want.



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