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01-18-2023 11:17 AM
by Anonymous User
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I created a form to allow field workers to mark potholes at Complete when they have been filled and I configured the CompletionDate to automatically populate with today's date using the Arcade Date() expression. This works as expected when editing one point at a time. However, when the field workers use the Edit Multiple tool, update the status to Complete and then submit the responses, the CompletionDate does not get filled. How do I ensure that the date field is populated when the update is made in field maps?






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You shouldn't be able to "edit" that field even for a single feature.  Creating a calculation on a form field renders that field un-editable.




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by Anonymous User
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I believe you're correct but when selecting multiple features at once the expression and editing permissions aren't honored as far as I can tell. In my form ALL fields appear and can be edited. 

I just ran another test and was able to update the ID field even though in the form I have not checked the Allow Editing box. And again, the Completed Date field is empty.