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Duplication of field maps without reusing layers

08-17-2023 04:03 PM
New Contributor

Hi there,


I am currently setting up several field maps (via ArcGIS Online) for upcoming projects in fairly close proximity (i.e. within 50km of each other), mostly requiring the same data to be collected.

For this purpose, I have set up a fieldmaps designer template using a standard set of feature classes to collect on so that I am able to simply duplicate the template and rename for each project, then add the relevant reference layers for each project.

My question is - is there a way to create a true duplicate of the template for each project in which a new feature class is created for each existing feature within the template? i.e. within the template, the tree collection layer may be "Temp_Trees", but this same layer is then collected on for every single project created from that template. I would rather Project1 collect on "Project1_Trees", Project 1 on "Project2_Trees" etc. without having to manually recreate the layer and form for each new project.

As it is, all data collected in the organization is visible in all field maps and I would rather only data relevant to each individual project be visible.

Please let me know if I need to clarify on what it is I am after. Thanks!!

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