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08-03-2021 08:56 AM
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Hello everyone,

I have been an ESRI user for about 3-4 years.

I use collector (classic) to collect field data and so far is has work great, I have put off switching over to Collector or Field Maps to not “stir the pot” with my field users as some are not very techn savvy.

I have slowly been working on a new hosted feature layer for Field Maps however I ran into some things.

1.- I have duplicate fields, see screen shot below;


I went to the fields settings and removed “Main” field and it continues to show when I collect.

I went to update the service definition (way outside my comfort zone) and delete it the lines for “Main” and it continues to show as a field.

2.- If I collect a point and I try to edit it and change it to “Main” the option is not there, see screenshot below;


I am aware is not shown there because I removed it, but it continues to be available to collect?

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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