Display Names Are Being Cut Off During Collection

08-19-2022 07:49 AM
by Anonymous User
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Good day,

The background:

I have configured a very nice looking form for a field worker to go out and collect some features with. The form is designed so that you could give the mobile device to a relatively untrained person, give them a quick overview about how the app works, and they are able to go out and collect accurate information. To achieve that, I have set up the display name for some of my fields as nice, easy to understand questions (Esri's documentation even does the same thing as an example...).

The problem:

The form works great, HOWEVER, some of my longer questions are being cut off. For example, instead of reading:

"Describe what effect, if any, the seasons may have on the construction site"

I get:

"Describe what effect, if any, the seasons may hav..."

Not exactly conducive to collection...

The technology:

We are currently running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 and the mobile device in question is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Note: The full display name does not show up after clicking on the question in the form, or if you tilt the screen to landscape.

The ask:

Is anybody else getting the same issue? Is there a solution? Thanks!

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We have the same problem, tested on iOS and works great, and when opened on Android it cuts off Display name. We are using ArcGIS Online. 

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I am also experiencing this on Android. Hopefully they come up with a way to text wrap. 🙂


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