Disable "Recent" value suggestions in Field Maps

01-05-2023 08:00 AM
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Is there a way to turn off/disable the "Recent" suggested values at the top of a Field Maps drop down? I have a drop down that is 0-10, and I want to keep that in order, not have 8,6,10 etc randomly suggested at the top of the list. A field user has already accidentally tapped 10 at the top, instead of 0, since they were working quickly.

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I agree with this.  At the very least don't remove recent values from the original list... display both.

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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Personally, I'd like to completely turn off the Recent 'feature' as I always want to see my complete pick lists in the order I've chosen.

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I would also like the ability to disable the "Recent" list.  Its making the data collection MUCH more difficult eliminating my numeric and alphabetical ordering. Additionally do not remove the "recent" value from my domain list and only have it in the Recent.

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Yep, this is super annoying. A domain list should make it easy and repeatable for users to pick a value for the field. By showing a recent lists which usually is absolutely useless is one thing, but removing those options from the full list is idiotic, confusing, frustrating, and slower for users.

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I also agree. If there isn't a way to turn this off, I consider the issue a huge design flaw.

I am almost sure I remember a time in the past when these "recent" suggestions did not appear.

How about it, ESRI ?