Different default values for the same feature service in multiple field maps?

05-07-2021 12:55 AM
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Is it possible to have 1 feature service being consumed in 2 different Field Maps web maps, and have 2 different default values for the same field?

I have 2 Field Maps authored within the Field Maps Web App;

they're both editing the same feature service with different basemaps. But I have a field called SiteName with a dropdown list of sites, and in the field maps web app you can set a default value for this field. So if I set the default as "SiteA" in one web map, when I go to the other one and set a default value to "SiteB" the default value is changed for both of the web maps.

Can I get around this by creating a view layer of the feature service and then setting default field values that way? Or maybe creating a feature template from a view layer where only a specific value for that field can be created?

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I am also wondering how to set different defaults for the same field in a feature layer that is used across forms/web maps. I have a list of values that correspond to the web map name and I would like to be able to set a different default value to this field (FieldPoint_Source) in each form. The outcome of this effort would ensure all field collected points are in the same feature layer but the user's webmap would filter the displayed points based on the FieldPoint_Source value. 

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I'm in the same situation. I need help BIG.

In ArcGIS Field Maps, when I try to change the default value it is greyed out. It shows the default value I set in ArcGIS Pro that I'm using in another Field Maps project, but I want a new default value for this new project and I cannot change it to a new default value. It is greyed out in the template too. I will appreciate your input.

Thank you,

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