Different default values for the same feature service in multiple field maps?

05-07-2021 12:55 AM
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Is it possible to have 1 feature service being consumed in 2 different Field Maps web maps, and have 2 different default values for the same field?

I have 2 Field Maps authored within the Field Maps Web App;

they're both editing the same feature service with different basemaps. But I have a field called SiteName with a dropdown list of sites, and in the field maps web app you can set a default value for this field. So if I set the default as "SiteA" in one web map, when I go to the other one and set a default value to "SiteB" the default value is changed for both of the web maps.

Can I get around this by creating a view layer of the feature service and then setting default field values that way? Or maybe creating a feature template from a view layer where only a specific value for that field can be created?

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