Created point not not submitting

05-22-2023 07:01 PM
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I created a map with one point layer using the Field Maps Designer. The only layer was populated with attributes using the forms builder. I open the field map app on my android device (23.1.1) go to my map. Create a new point and run through the form, then submit. It looks like the point sumbitted successfuly, but no point is created as verified by looking at the map through AGOL Map Viewer. Why aren't the point being created when it looks like they are submitted successfully?

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Couple questions:

  • Are you using the app in online mode or offline mode?
  • If you go to the hosted feature service item that you're capturing data into and look at the "Data" tab, is it showing any new features in there?
  • Are the created points able to be seen in the Field Maps app after they've been submitted and you refresh?
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I have seen this before when you have a field that is required, but the data entry does not populate it. If you enter a value for that field, the point appears correctly.

I would hazard a guess that one of your required fields is either not being 'required' in the form, or you have a form calculation that is not populating it correctly. Try revisiting your data entry.

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