Configure Field Maps to leave a marker at location where photo was taken

12-23-2022 10:36 PM
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Hello I am using Field Maps version 22.4.2 Our team takes before and after pictures as part of our use of Field Maps to document work completed in the field. We have several of our Technicians editing their own projects all on the same same map and layers. Ideally we would like to configure the sync function to upload geometry and photo updates (captured from within Field Maps) from each tech's device to the server without downloading photos from every other Tech's projects (since it needlessly consumes so much of their phone's data storage). Can we configure Field Maps' sync function like this?

As a work around, our team leader has created a feature layer just for markers of locations where photos were taken, and the markers are used to navigate back to to take the after picture. These photos are captured and stored in a phone or iPad photo album and exported manually which is more cumbersome.  The sync function still update across all team members' devices but since it is just a marker and some text syncing across all devices, it consumes much less storage than actual photos.  But still not ideal.   Does anyone have a suggestion for smoother way?

If we can't configure the sync function as described above, can we configure Field Maps to automatically leave a marker on the map where a photo was captured to navigate back to? I'm hoping there some script that can be added somewhere, or setting I am not aware of?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Attachment handling for the map can be controlled in the offline settings - Advanced Options - for the map.


You can control how the device will receive the updates.  The setting below will stop the device from automatically downloading the attachments.



In Field Maps users will see that there is an attachment for the feature, but it will not be downloaded unless the user taps on it to download it.



The feature and attachments are always uploaded.

You could also use settings of the feature layer to control the user experience.

In the feature layer edit setting you can also control whether users can see feature created by other users.  Turn on editor tracking and choose 'Editors can only see their own features (requires editor tracking)



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@MarkBockenhauer when I set the "Device Will Download and Get Update to Features Only" option I don't get any attachments, even the ones I created, within the offline area. That makes sense to me based off the description, but your comment "In Field Maps users will see that there is an attachment for the feature, but it will not be downloaded unless the user taps on it to download it." seems to indicate that I should be able to see them and download them by clicking. Am I missing something?

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