Conditional Visibility based on attribute in related layer

12-07-2021 07:34 AM
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Hi all,

I've got a set of layers which are related to each other through a relationship class. There is a polygon FC which has a habitat type attribute field. Related to that is a table with a lot of fields, many of which are only relevant to certain habitat types. In ArcGIS Field Maps, the user will draw a habitat polygon then fill in a simple form to populate the FC's attribute table. They will then create a record in the related table which has a form with a number of questions. We'd like to use conditional visibility on the form for the table so that only fields relevant to the habitat type chosen in the related FC will be visible and all other irrelevant fields are hidden. Firstly, is it possible for conditional visibility to work based on a field in a related layer? Secondly, is it possible to code it so that if Habitat A is chosen then show fields 1,2,3, if Habitat B is chosen then show fields 2,3,9, ..., if Habitat X is chosen then show fields 23, 38, 44?

Just not sure on the limits that can be achieved through related layers as we may want to rethink the data structure if this is not viable.



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Also curious about this. At this stage, I can't create any arcade expression for visibility with variables other than $feature.

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Did you ever find an answer to this? Looking to do pretty much exactly this. 

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