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Clearing an attribute once another attribute is edited

09-08-2023 07:22 AM
New Contributor II


A couple notes: Our organization has one named user account on ArcGIS Online that multiple survey crews use to conduct field work. I am a novice with Arcade. 

We have five attributes that need to be updated. For simplicity, the field names are: "ABC", "DEF", "GHI", "JKL", "MNO". 

To track who edits, we have a required field "Staff Initials" (containing a domain list of initials) associated with each of those five fields. The relevant "Staff Initials" field is required to be populated any time an attribute edit is made. Any time an edit is made, we want the "Staff Initials" to clear out and require new initials to be chosen. The problem is that previous staff initials remain even after an edit is made. 

The closest I got was through a simple expression if($feature.ABC != null){return " "}

That does not work in the end because it will essentially disable "Staff Initials" from being populated again.

Is this task possible, perhaps through Arcade?

Thank you.

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