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04-06-2022 07:12 AM
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Is it currently possible to change the zoom level at which Field Maps zooms to your location?  This would be really helpful for some, so when crews are out in the field it zooms in to a high enough level where they can see detail with an aerial...

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I don't believe this functionality is currently available, but our group would really appreciate it since we mostly use Field Maps for aerial surveys. The default behavior of  zooming way in is not only annoying but adds in time in the data collection and unnecessary time looking at the screen which is very limited. There are a number of features where its obvious these field apps are designed for on the ground type surveys.

I had submitted this idea a year ago but I'm not sure if its even being considered. Thanks Kathy

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Only way I have found to do this is with layer visibility.

If you have a zoom scale at which the search layer becomes visible, when clicking on a result, it will pan you to it, and zoom to the scale that makes it visible.

If you set a scale on both ends, it will zoom out for you as well to the upper visible range.

However, if you are already zoomed to a level and the searched feature is within the view extent (and visible by scale range), it will just highlight/pan to and not change zoom.

Kind of a flaky workaround, but is the best I've come up with so far.

I actually have an address layer added just for searching.  I have symbol color of Null, so nothing is drawn, then set the upper/lower visible scale range to approximately what I want it to zoom to on search results.