Capture Point via Touch Screen not available

05-26-2023 10:05 AM
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Crews are using Field Maps to add notes to a campus map. They need the ability to long press on the map to add points when they are not physically there. 
They can add a point via the blue plus button. 
When long press on the map, drop a pin, collect here, Add Point is greyed out. See screenshot. 

(In the screenshot my accuracy doesn't meet requirement, even when it is within requirement we still have this issue)

Enterprise, iOS devices, connected to VPN. 

Is there a setting I'm overlooking? 



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Hi Melissa,

This may or may not be your issue.  In Field Maps Designer - Setting Menu under feature actions there is an option to allow "Collect Here". I believe it is enabled by default, but worth a check.



- Justin Reynolds, PE
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thanks for the suggestion, this setting is enabled.

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