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Cannot open and edit Field Map Forms

09-01-2023 06:04 AM
New Contributor III

I'm currently working on creating a form for a hydrant inspection layer in Field Maps Designer. I added the fields, made some changes to the visibility and made fields required and added some Arcade Expressions. Over the course of the last week, I have tried to reopen the form in field map designer to make edits and have had to redesign it three times (even though I saved after nearly every edit) . Is there something I'm missing here? 

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A very similar situation has happened with me. I have had to redesign the same form like 5 different times. Very frustrating. Recently, I had configured my form, went out in the field and realized that half of my attributes were no longer showing up! Then I came back to my desktop and they didn't appear in FieldMaps Designer either. So I had to redo that as well.

I had also had the issue, that even though I had deleted an element, I was unable to reuse the field name. I try to keep the field name consistent since that is what shows up in my attribute table in ArcPro. Also, I noticed that elements would remain, or even duplicate in the templates. I have not figured out how to edit the template because it is all greyed out. This progressively got worse each time I redesigned the form. So now when I export my data, I have duplicate fields that are out of order (they show up in the template out of order compared to the order I arranged them in the form). The only solution I have is to completely delete the feature layer and start all over. 

So no need to worry, you are not alone in redesigning forms multiple times in field maps!!

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