Can't view records in related tables in Field Maps

03-30-2021 10:10 AM
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I've been helping a division in my organization set up a data collection process through Field Maps. In this process, several tables have been related to features used in the collection process. The user is able to create a record in the related tables just fine in both the mobile and web apps (the records write back to the table when viewed in Pro or ArcMap). However, when the user closes out of the feature collection process and opens the feature back up, the records that were just created in the related table aren't shown. Is there a way to resolve this?

In addition, there are several conditions that I've set up for data collection that work fine when collecting, but when the user is done collecting the data, all fields are shown in the feature's pop-up, even ones that have not been configured in the form and fields that are blank. Is there a way to have this display reflect the form as it would be seen in the data collection process?

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Right now it looks like the issue is that related record display isn't fully supported in map viewer beta yet.  You will be able to see the record if you configure the map with the regular map viewer, but you lose the configurable forms from field maps. 

Compatibility Guide for web maps created with Map ... - Esri Community

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