Can't use the whole Map after add offline area

03-16-2021 07:37 AM
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Before Add Offline Area, can click and open to use the whole map, but after add offline area and download the area, then can only use the downloaded area, can't use the whole map anymore.

So are there any settings that still can use the whole map after add and download offline area? Because when it's online we want to use the whole map.

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I also have thought this was an inconvenience, and am curious to see if anyone has a solution. As a workaround, I have been creating a duplicate "online" map for each project that requires going in and out of cell signal. This was crews can switch back and forth between maps as needed without deleting their offline areas. 

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@TravisSizemore @Ming if this is of interest I'd suggest upvoting this idea.

Travis' suggestion is a good approach if you want to explicitly provide maps for offline and connected use.

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