Can't Add Feature On New Field Maps

04-21-2021 04:17 PM
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Hello, when I try to add a point feature to my map (live map or downloaded) I get this following error using Field Maps via iOS (v 21.1.0 - Build 385). The error says "Geodatabase data type mismatch". I am able to update existing features. I get this error when I try to add a new feature to my dataset. I verified that the published feature service has "Add Feature" as a supported operation. I can add a feature using an Android device, but not iOS? Any thoughts or comments would be great. Thanks. 



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Hi @km0015Kyle ,

That error makes it sound like there are some invalid attributes attempting to be added. As it only happens when adding new features perhaps its a default value or a field that controls the symbology? Check and see if anything looks out of place. You can also share the data and map to a group in ArcGIS Online and invite the use "arcgisfieldmaps" to the group and I can try it out myself. Hope this helps!




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