can I get a timestamp for each vertex of a line feature?

10-05-2022 05:25 PM
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Hi there,

I have a colleague who wants to use a line feature in field maps to map a path.  In particular, he likes that he can stream as he collects this line feature, making it very fast in the field.  That's easy enough to set up, however he also wants to have a timestamp for each vertex of the line feature. 

I have no idea how to do this, except to suggest that he really should use a point feature to collect his path, and then later derive a line feature from those points.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the output he needs?  If collecting points is the only way, is there a way to stream when collecting points?

Thank you!

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Hi Emiko, 

Two ways come to mind:

1. Experiment with Tracker and using track view lines. This requires a Tracker license. You can do a lot with the derived layers, but I can't say for sure whether you can display a timestamp on each vertex. 

2. Create a point layer and use streaming collection in the field. Then use the arcgis module in python to create a spatially-enabled dataframe from your point layer, in which you can access the SHAPE field, where you can get the coordinates of each point and use a series of conditional statements to subset points that are vertices by your definition (say, have some threshold angle from the adjacent points). You would then use addFeatures to publish this subset of points to a separate point layer and label them based on the CreationDate. You could also use the coordinates of the subset points to create a polyline and publish as a separate layer to overlay. This method obviously is somewhat involved and requires a working knowledge of python. I could give you some additional detail if you wanted to go this route. 




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Hi Travis,

Thank you so much for your reply!  I went with the Tracker solution, which was fast and easy.  I was able to get a timestamp for each tracker point, which worked for my colleague's use of the data.

I was not able to find a way to stream collection of points directly into my layer, and it appears that this is only supported in Field Maps for lengths and areas.  Streaming points would be useful, I hope ESRI can implement that in the future.

Thanks for all your help,


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