Calculating Mean Sea Level (MSL)

12-06-2021 07:08 AM
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My team has collected a storm water inventory pilot using field maps. We are looking to calculate Mean Sea Level (MSL) from Altitude. In the Esri support doc it says to use the formula below to calculate MSL..

MSL = altitude (HAE) - geoid separation (RASTERVALU) – antenna height

 After following the steps in the support doc to get the Geoid separation, knowing Altitude(z field) is the Height Above Ellipsoid (HAE), and knowing what the antenna height is I was able to calculate MSL. However, my concern is the antenna height. Before you start surveying in both Field maps and Collector you have to enter the Antenna Height. Does this mean the Antenna Height is already factored in to the Altitude value when it is surveyed in the field? If so, would this mean it does not need to be used in the formula above to get MSL? 


Theo Snead

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