Button not visible after configuring a condition in Forms

04-25-2022 07:23 AM
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I am starting to use Forms for a Field Maps field app.

I published a feature service.  The 5 fields I want to participate in the form all have domains, a default value, and all fields have a value applied.

Simple project to track the replacement of Telephones and Access Points at our Communication and Substation sites.  There will be 1 to 4 of each at a location.

When I configure the form I select the Button as the option it works as expected in Field Maps.

The desire is to for the Field Worker to add the number of devices for the first question.  Then the appropriate corresponding questions appear. The questions are simple Yes/No answers.  The default is No

However, when I add a conditional expression to the attribute the button is not visible in Field Maps

Question 1 how many Access points for replacement.  Default is 0 answer range is 1 to 4

If the answer is one or more it applies to the 4 questions.

This is the conditional expression for the 2nd subsequent question

$feature.NUMACCPTS > 1  

The images below show the difference.  The left side is with no expression applied.  The one on the right is with a conditional expression applied.


Any clue as to what I am doing wrong?


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iOS, Android, version?

I am on iOS Field Maps version 22.1.0 and can not replicate this in online or offline map.

If I set a field as "Radio Button" or "Switch" (as you show in your attached photo), and put conditional visibility expression (Status Field above StreetName), it works as expected. 

Expression I used for below:

$feature.STREETADDRESS > 1 

Left shows it conditionally hid, right shows when I put value > 1 in StreetAddress Field:
















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iOS, on iPhone. 

It may also be important to note we are in 10.9.1 and using Portal and not AGOL

There is also a warning message that says "Input type will display as a combobox for templates without a default value:

I have triple verified that all the associated fields have a default value and that they have a "No" value already.

Field Maps is the newest version.

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