BUG: Field Maps does not handle time correctly!

05-04-2021 12:47 AM
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I have been in contact with our ESRI provider who has sent the bug further to ESRI, hopefully it will be fixed very soon. 

Case: I have a simple asset inspection app I am building as a proof of concept. 
Points on map will display different colour depending on when they were last inspected.

It works fine in ArcGIS collector. But in Field Maps it is not. It seem to ignore UTC time and run with local, always.

Field MapsField MapsCollectorCollector

You can see how date time is handled differently. This is what is shown in my Custom popup. First picture is from Field Maps, Second Picture is from Collector. Since I am using "Time from last created" to symbolise my points, this is problem for me.
Notice how now() and Timestamp() is returning the same in Field Maps.... 

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Hi @Morin 

This looks a lot like a known issue that has been logged with support (and queued up for a fix). If your ESRI provider created a case, they should be able to get added to BUG-000137440. We are hopeful a fix will be available for the next release of Field Maps.



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Thanks,  I am responsible for that ticket. Just posted it here too for other to avoid spending time finding the same problem.
I have also found a bug in the callback param from Survey123 back to Field Maps (issue is created no ticket number yet). When you press "Post now" in 123 I expect data to be posted to server, but that is not the case. It is posted once you go back to 123 application "manually" thus records might be posted days later from when you actually posted it.
I am pretty new to using AGOL in general, so I have not been impressed. These are major bugs which has cost me a lot of time. These bugs along with other issues I have had testing it has forced me to develop the app in python flask instead, which in my case would have been much faster. I was hoping to use AGOL to allow for "not so technical" users to create apps. But unfortunately it has not proved reliable and I cannot put it in production. I have had two maps/apps "crashing" on me (the feature service still works fine), and without any way of bringing it back, no of versioning to get the last working version up again. I dont have the time to recreate these apps each time they "for some reason" stop working. 

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