Best practices for retaining Field Maps forms and using across layers and maps

06-12-2023 11:24 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hello. I recently overwrote a hosted feature layer with six layers and I lost all Field Maps configurations within it, and it contained many Arcade expressions, conditional formatting, etc. that I now have to redo.

I am wondering if anyone (especially the Esri team) has guidelines for best practices in retaining your Field Maps. With the recent update on saving the form to your layer, I thought this would resolve many issues but unfortunately has actually resulted in some confusion, as I may have had the form saved to the layer and upon overwriting, it deleted my form configurations. However, I am positive that at least one of the forms was saved to the map but unfortunately that was also lost.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I find myself having to do trial and error a lot so clear documentation would be helpful.

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