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Auto-populate address (or Lat/Long) form fields with Search results when selecting "Collect Here"

05-10-2021 02:29 PM
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Hello Field Mappers, I'm new to Field Maps and am looking to see if the following is possible. Our collectors are utilizing the Field Map's search function (ArcGIS World Geocoding Service) to locate specific address for monitoring. When selecting from the results and clicking "Collector Here" we'd like the address information (and/or maybe Lat & Long) to auto-populate within our field collection form. Thanks in advance!

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New Contributor III

I've been looking for the same capability.  At this time I do not think it is possible, yet.  I've read it will be "Coming Next."

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I hope this ability is included, would be very useful. We have our own site names, but I'd like to include an address and have this populated from the drop pin.

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I see in the March 2022 "What's New..." blog for Field Maps that we can now "Use spatial operators like Intersects in FeatureSets to extract and store the address information or assessed value of a parcel when capturing a damage report within it." But still no way to auto-populate address fields with information from an address search. Is this still a coming item or is there another way to go about this?

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I'm a bit late to the party with this post, but i've just stumbled across is. You maybe already aware of this blog but if not, i think this addresses your request: Common Calculated Expressions for ArcGIS Field Maps (

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Unfortunately @cat206, this blog only covers ways to pull in information from other map layers and still doesn't allow us pull address (or lat/long) directly from "dropped pin"/"collect here" screen. Question to Esri, is this ever going to be an ability within Field Maps?