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ArcGIS Field Maps - Markup files to KML without ArcGIS Online

06-15-2023 09:05 AM
New Contributor

Hello, is there any way without having to use ArcGIS online to export the Markup layer or the .markup file to KML or shapefiles?  I am just a solo end user that use this just for fun when out in the forest side loading in my own maps.  But I would love to be able to take my markups and use them in ArcGIS Pro, I just don't have ArcGIS Online, too expensive.  Unless there is a free way to do it?

I am even open to outside converters too.

I have tried just changing the .markup to .kml hoping to might work to no avail.


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Occasional Contributor III

It looks like a custom JSON format.  But not EsriJSON, GeoJSON or TopoJSON etc...  If you know python and can parse JSON you can get to the data if so inclined.

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