ArcGIS Field Maps & Calculated Expressions

04-08-2022 09:00 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to have my meter inventory field crews use ArcGIS Field Maps for data collection.  I've performed some limited tests and Field Maps performs very well and the form creation is really user friendly and easy to understand.  I especially like how employing the use of barcode scanning is one of the default add-in features and done some experimental testing and it works splendidly.   I'm attempting to go one-step further with the barcode scanning and have the scan event not only populate the barcode form question itself but also populate four other questions based on the answer to the barcode question.  For instance, when my meter inventory crew scans a meter's barcode it will also read associated information connected to that meter number and fill in the Account, the Address, the Route, and the Sequence values as well.  This would be similar to what is achieved in Survey123 Connect with the Pull Data function. I've created a hosted feature layer with one entry that contains headings for Meter, Account, Address, Route and Sequence.  The barcode information would come from the "Meter" column.  I've attached a screenshot that shows the test data I am using entitled "Data Example.png".

I received, as many of you probably have, an ESRI newsletter with a link to "What's new in ArcGIS Field Maps (March 2022)" where it provides the perfect example.  Unfortunately, I'm a bit confused on how the use of Calculated Expressions with Arcade is being applied to achieve this in the example provided. I'm completely new at using Arcade so any additional insight and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The link to the blog posting can be found here if you do not have it saved:

Thank you.


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