Arcade Expressions for Conditional Visibility

03-26-2021 07:45 AM
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Does anyone know if the conditional visibility property for ArcGIS Field Maps forms can achieve something like this:

Filter down options in a smart form from one set of domain values for one field based on an entry from another set of domain values in another field.


If Category (Field 1) = “A” (Domain Value), then Priority Level (Field 2 - which would normally have up to ten different options) must be “PreModern” (Domain Value), “PreNCHRP 230” (Domain Value), or “NCHRP 230” (Domain Value).

If possible, how could I craft that expression?



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I believe what you are looking for is called Contingent Values and not Conditional Visibility. The Conditional Visibility can control what fields appear in a form based on another fields values. If field1 = X, then show fields 2 and 3; If field1= Y, then show fields 4 and 5. Contingent Value logic would control what domain values are available based on another fields value. This is currently achievable in ArcGIS Pro but not Field Maps.

ESRI has mentioned in the past that they plan to include Contingent Value support in Field Maps in the future.

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