Active field not visible in edit mode landscape on iPad Pro 9.7"

10-20-2021 08:51 AM
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We have iPad Pro 9.7" and 11" devices, iOS 15, FieldMaps 21.3.1 build 522.  Mostly 9.7" devices in the field.

Most of our maps are designed and operated in landscape orientation.

Since the last app update (we believe), users are unable to edit field values on 9.7" iPads using the built-in on-screen popup keyboard, because when it pops up it obscures the field to be edited.  On an 11" device with all the same setup, it is not a problem.


User wants to edit the D1 field.

Look of screen on 11" device before tapping Edit:

11" before tapping Edit11" before tapping Edit


Look of 11" screen after tapping Edit and then the D1 field.  The position of the D1 field adjusts to placement just above the onscreen keyboard:

11" after tapping Edit11" after tapping Edit


Look of 9.7" screen after tapping Edit and then the D1 field.  The app attempts to adjust the position of the D1 field, but it ends up underneath the onscreen keyboard, not visible, and not usable:

9.7" after tapping Edit9.7" after tapping Edit

Any ideas on a configuration solution? Or will this need to be a FieldMaps app fix and update?



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I just discovered the iPad 'floating keyboard' option where you can shrink the keyboard, as a temporary work around.

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