2 Specific Domains not Appearing as Options when Creating a Point

12-27-2022 06:16 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a web map in my organization that is used for tree data. The web map just consists of a tree inventory and some utility layers. The inventory on this map is a view layer of the inventory feature layer. The status field for this layer was updated with 2 new domains to mark trees planted at a specific nursery. For whatever reason though, these 2 new domains specifically will never pop up when creating a new point on Field Maps. They do appear when you create a point with a different status, then edit it after the point was created.

I am struggling to find any fix for this. I have re-made the domains a couple times and modified every filter, expression, form, and setting that I could find that could possibly be causing it to no avail. When opened in ArcGIS Pro, it appears in the domains screen but will not let me create a new point using that domain. I have tried making a copy of the layer but then I have issues with being able to create new points at all despite everything being editable in the settings.

Does anyone know what might be causing this issue? Any ideas are appreciated!

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