Z enabled lines in Field Maps

02-24-2021 03:23 PM
Status: Open
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Suggestion for field maps development to Z enable vertices along a line and create a way to calculate a 3D line.  I have the need to measure long linear features on the landscape with significant elevation change and need the true linear distance (3D line) and not a map distance (2d line).  This is an extremely mission critical need for us.  Thank you for your consideration.

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If your data is in 3d your lines should be topo.

We managed to do this by uploading a 3d data set from Topcon Magnet Field into AGOL.

We run our map in NZGD2000 3D (4959) under the collection profile to a NZTM2000 Map.

Although we have to run Lefebure or Bluetooth GPS app inbetween our GPS receivers and our Android devices to enable ellipsoid heights with mock locations.

This is due to NZGD2000 heights being HAE.

Field maps does not add parse the nmea string correctly to record HAE.

We post process via Project in ArcGIS Pro into a whatever local grid circuit and vertical datum the client wants.

It is doable.

We found this out after we bought two Sokkia GRX3 and a GCX3 receivers plus field controllers/software for a project that required 3d.

We run Emlid RS2 units daily with the above workflow with Field Maps.