Write Console Statements to the Field Maps Log

05-09-2022 03:03 PM
Status: Open
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When creating an arcade expression for ArcGIS Field Maps Forms we can print to the console in the arcade editor to help develop our expressions.  When editing data in the form in the web map viewer in a browser we can see the our consoled messages in dev tools to help troubleshoot.

Please consider writing these messages to the ArcGIS Field maps log.  I would be content with just writing the Form-Calculation Profile messages to the FM log (valueExpressions), but it might also be useful to write the Constraint Profile messages (editableExpression, visibleExpression, requiredExpression) as well for troubleshooting purposes.

These might flood the log, but we can always comment out our console statements in the arcade expression for production. Or, another idea, might be to add a verbose option in Field Maps that would then and only then enable writing the console statements to the log.



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would save much time when searching for none syntactic errors (logical errors) and to log feature values etc.