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Validation Configuration Built into Field Maps

01-14-2021 03:12 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Problem: Field Maps does not contain the option to configure validations from one feature (polyline, point, or polygon with attribution) against another.

Background: My company is using ESRI tools such as Survey123, Field Maps, and Web Apps to design and as-built gas pipeline replacement jobs. There is a manual QA/QC process performed after construction to validate what was installed versus what was designed.  

Proposed Solution: Field Maps contains a validation configuration in the Field Maps web view in ArcGIS Online that will prompt the field tech if the scanned asset is not consistent with the proposed designed feature created by engineering.

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HI @Anonymous User, 

Thanks so much for your suggestion! I will pass it along to our team where they will consider customer's feedback for future updates in Field Maps.