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Upgrade compass function to stake-out view

02-01-2021 12:57 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Field Maps is very good at collecting new data. What I really miss is the possibility to, for example, set pickets at existing locations (stake-out).
At the moment I use (to work around it) the compass function of Field Maps for this. I especially miss the altitude information.

Is it possible to upgrade the compass function to a kind of stake-out view with information about the Z coordinate? It would also be a nice addition to add a beep sound like with parking sensors on a car.

This would really be an increase in value for Field Maps because it makes high accuracy GNSS receivers (like the EOS Arrow Gold) of great added value. In addition, there is no application on the IoS operating system where ArcGIS Online Feature services can be used for this purpose. So conversion of data is always required.


This functionality would be great to have. At present compass function joins a line between ones location and the feature. The distance is not resolved after 1m mark. It would be great if the view would convert to stakeout like concentric circles and allow precise marking.



My job involves staking the Right-of-Way and then collecting information on the parcels and features within the Right-of-Way. I have to keep juggling between a GNSS app and Field Maps. Having some of these GNSS app features like site calibration, grid shift and staking would make field maps a great and unrivalled GIS and Surveying App. But seeing that people started looking for this as early as 2020 and it's 2024, perhaps it may never happen.