Under 'Existing' expressions, display all expressions on all the layers in the map not just the expressions on the layer you're formatting

02-18-2021 05:46 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I'm setting up 'Conditional Visibility' expressions and have some written that will be applied to fields on multiple layers. Currently, under 'Existing', we are able to see and select from the expressions we've already applied to fields within that collection layer but if an expression is applied to a field on another layer it's not visible under 'Existing' in the same way, even though it's within the same map. 


It would save time and effort to be able to input an expression on one field on one layer and have it visible as an option under 'Existing' for all of the collection layers in the map. 

by Anonymous User

This is an interesting idea. We do have plans in one of the future releases to make it easier to re-use/reference expressions within a single layer/form. So if you needed an expression applied to multiple fields, you'd only need to write it once and could then reference it for each field. We haven't thought about expanding that beyond the current form.

Do you have any specific examples of expressions that would be shared across layers? Are there similarly named fields in multiple layers?

by Anonymous User

Yeah, so the expressions are pretty simple ones right now, just to expose some grouped fields based on the answer provided in a previous field. An example would be 


I'm able to reuse these expressions because the collection layers in the map are views of the same master feature layer and have the same field names. The views are based on what team initiated the data collection and have different templates preset/required fields to match those scenarios but the exposing of certain grouped fields is consistent across the views.