Support many-to-many relationship

05-12-2022 11:45 PM
Status: Open
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Field Maps currently supports only one-to-one and one-to-many relationships. It would be great to have ability to work on many-to-many relationships as well.


We support this request. We have made a Field Map app for our geologists and they need to be able to select more than one mineral occurrence from collected rock samples in the field.


I had a chance to chat with some of the Field maps folks recently and there is some talk of a text form element that presented in the form as a multiselect list.  They were unsure exactly how they want to store the data.  One of the simpler ideas was to store the items in the text field as comma separated values. That would work for me in many cases.  Not sure that this is exactly the same as the idea posted here, but might work for many of the use cases.


Hello! Any news on whether ESRI supports a many-to-many relationship? We need this option, because in the real state we capture information about some different existence like waht crops, trees, builds, complementary builds, etc.


Many-to-many relationship support in Field Maps would be great.

Multi-select values serialized into a single field isn't as useful, but would still be much better than the current option (neither).


Would also like M:N to support on Field Maps


Would also like this to be a feature. Please let us know if you have this on your road map and possible timelines