Support Layers with Definition Query

04-08-2021 07:38 AM
Status: Open
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We've been working with Esri tech support on setup of a basic offline web map for ArcGIS FieldMaps. After hours of trial and error we have found that the system does not support multiple layers from the same feature class with a definition query on the service. We currently use the Esri UPDM data model which is setup to have only a few feature classes control many layers with subtype. This simple limitation had made offline ArcGIS FieldMaps unusable for our organization. We're currently running enterprise & portal 10.8.0 and hope to upgrade by the end of the year. Please include a fix in the next release!

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I have run into the same painful issue.   I spent hours on the phone with support just like you did only to discover this is a software limitation.

I have an enhancement request in for this: ENH-000102471


Hi,  I also would like to see this functionality in Field Maps.  Does anyone have a status of the ENH-000102471?  Or, is there a work around that is suggested?



My experience with this limitation is that the "make offline" process just fails with no useful error message. In between now and the proper fix, it would be nice to have an error message or some sort of "analyze map" tool that checks if the web map has "multiple layers from the same feature class with a definition query".