Speed indicator in FMA

04-22-2021 08:53 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see the current speed in the 'gps-bar' alongside its accuracy (top of the map).

As it is being stored for each point captured, it can also be shown during activities.

Preferably with an option to switch on/off and unit options (km/h, m/s, mph).



Collin Kleiboer



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This would be a handy feature (along with an always on display) for use in a vehicle when navigating. 


Hello LindsayRaabe, should I make my own post? I want current speed and LRS measure for my idea. These could be options to turn on and off depending on what type of job you are doing.

When driving the navigation popup would be available to switch between map and nav.

Nav options could include:

  •  Current Speed
  • Distance to next PoI
  • Roadname you are currently on (via street maps or DOT layers)
  • @km / Mile / measure from LRS layer
  • Distance to next community (great to explain to other people like emergency services, or the tow truck

I really wanted the LRS m to be included in my tracks also, so when viewing after I can quickly identify where we are working on lrs without having to save a survey123, or quick capture.


@TrevorMillen no harm in creating a new idea (can always reference/link this one in your post) with your additional feature requests. Would likely help ESRI track these feature requests better if they decide to implement them.