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Run Arcade on events

02-10-2021 03:57 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be very helpful to run Arcade on events that are triggered by user actions. For example, if a user selects one feature, it would be good if Arcade could execute that has access to the geometry and fields of the feature.

A use case that we have for this is that we to store the ID of a pipeline asset after a user has clicked on it on the map. All creation of other assets in the work flow then need to have the ID of the asset added to their attribution.

it would be great to have the same feature on update, delete, create events as well

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I heard Attribute rules are coming to AGOL.  This could do it.   If you sync to an SDE you should be able to do it.  Not sure if it would fire while in Field Maps offline however.

I use 123 for my forms.  I have Arcade generate the ID then pass it to the form.  Been working ok.  It is confusing that the field is not real in Field Maps but for us that is fine.  For some we just generate the static id at night on the service.

Hope that helps