Remove Recent Values

07-25-2022 08:52 AM
Status: Open
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It would be good to have the option to remove recent values. On the whole, this functionality is really useful, however I have certain field users who become lazy and only select the most recent values instead of choosing the correct one from the list. This is leading to inaccuracies within the data being collected.


Yeah, I'm having trouble with this feature too. I can see how it could be useful but for what I am doing it is not. It slows me down and gets annoying and frustrating. 


Recent Values is very useful in some situations and very annoying in others. Having a simple toggle on/off for this feature in the Field authoring app would be fantastic!


This 'feature' is certainly annoying, especially when the pick list is longer than just a couple options. Often during data collection, I have a value in mind then have to hunt for it among the Recent and Other values. I'd prefer to just see the ordered list of values.