Provide the Desktop/PC version of Field Maps that would let us edit field maps app interface in desktop environment

02-02-2021 09:47 AM
Status: Open
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Provide the Desktop/PC version of Field Maps that would let us edit field maps app interface in desktop environment.

Mobile devices (IPAD and Iphone or tiny screen) are small to edit the data in the office environment. People want the same interface as classic collector apps that would let you edit the data in the PC environment. This idea is important with several reasons. First, people want to work in bigger screen while in the office environment, second people would have nice visual out look in the pc environment. Thirds field apps editing environment is good in the field and if we have the same editing apps interface in the pc environment, it would bring efficiency to work. Fourth, people with less knowledge of GIS can work with their greater satisfaction with big screen and easy editing interface of field apps like classic collector that works fine in the PC environment. Fifth, classic collect does not work to edit the enterprise geodatabase and field maps work fine. 

If you want more clarification, please contact me. 


Totally agree, we are looking to consulate field verifications & inspections into a single app.  A limit to Field Maps is that all edits need to be made on either an iPhone/iPad or an Android device.  

Surface Pro, laptops and Desktop computers are unable to load Field Maps at this time.  This would be an additional cost to the departments to be adopted since current field laptops can not be used.  It also means even upon returning to the office, field workers will need to finalized on a mobile device. 

The best work around I can think of would be to use WAB and a smart editor, so workers can use their laptops/ desktop machines.  However that is twice the configuration and maintenance in both Field Maps and WAB  .


100% agree, though I'd prefer a web app that mimics the functionality on a Desktop. I am interested to hear what others are using.


@TikaAdhikari I think, rather than try and mirror field maps exactly in a desktop app, we just need an instant app that has widgets that perform in the same way as the field maps tools.

Currently, I have a WAB app with Smart Editor and Batch editor widgets that allows field workers to QA their field data back in the office. It works perfectly for that purpose, but an Instant app could do the same. I would also add, that there needs to be the capability to edit from within the attribute table. Not currently supported in WAB, but i havent checked EB yet.


The Table widget in Experience Builder supports editing, while there is also a new Edit widget in Experience Builder which is still in beta. What's New in ArcGIS Experience Builder (September 2021) (

Also, if you have configured a smart form in Field Maps, your smart form configuration (field groups, conditional visibility) will be reflected in the Edit widget available in the new Map Viewer. Moving forward, there are plans to support the smart form across many apps.


This desktop editing is not for GIS Analyst. We know how to create smart form, smart editor and link field maps with others apps for editing purpose. This functionality is requested for the people who has little knowledge in GIS task and only know the simple editing task. Classic collector has functionality which was removed and they were frustrated not having such functional for ESRI better products like field maps.  


I totally agree. My people would love to have the exact same interface while outside on the field and while inside in the office environment. As you said, it's for the people who have little knowledge in GIS task. The more simple it is, the better it is. They don't want to learn to use two differents interface!

Hope it's gonna be possible !


Yes! Please do this. We have people who want to use their surface pro's and field maps.


FieldMaps can accept URL parameters that add a new feature with a particular attribute - the user just needs to finalize the location and save the point (or line or polygon).  The user also needs to be able to query other features on the map.  Survey123 would ALMOST work, except the user can't get information details for anything else on the map, so we're stuck with potentially requiring users to look at 2 maps.  A desktop-compatible FieldMaps would provide a cleaner solution for customers.