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Make it possible to split and edit a line feature in ArcGIS Field Maps

05-30-2022 02:36 AM
Status: Open
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When using ArcGIS Field Maps (and also Collector), we miss the possibility of editing a line, in particular to split a line.

As a solution we let users make a start and end point on a line in the field and use these points to split the lines in the office. This costs us more work than if this can be done immediately by the people in the field. When a line can be split in the field (and the fields edited), the result is immediately visible.

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This idea has been around for a while for Collector and Collector Classic. It would be nice if someone from ESRI could review longstanding ideas from those products and include a parallel idea in FieldMaps.


Having the ability to Break or Split linework on Field Maps would be a game changer for my business.   Any help Esri could provide would be very beneficial.  


I agree. This would be a total game changer, rather than having to make notes and do the work back in the office.