Location sharing - Enable location sharing/ tracking for user roles without 'View content shared with organization' privilege

09-02-2022 09:12 AM
Status: Implemented
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Organisations  are currently unable to use Location Sharing / Tracking for member roles that don't include the 'View content shared with organization' privilege. We want to use Location Sharing for Contractors to provide proof of work. We should be able to share only the data the contractors require for the project rather than everything shared at the "Organisation" level.

Realistically the contractors are only going to open the map we create for them but any admin considering Location Sharing is likely to have spent hours dealing with privacy concerns / GDPR issues and will find this limitation very unhelpful.


Hi @GlennWilson ,

This is actually not a requirement and perhaps a note should be added to the documentation to explain. The actual technical requirement is that the (parent) Location Sharing feature service is shared with the end user in some way. The Location Sharing service is shared with the Organization by default so any user with the "View content shared with the organization" is able to access and write to this service given they are properly licensed. If you do not want end users viewing other content shared at the organization you could configure a "Location Sharing" group and share the Location Sharing feature service to this group only; everyone in the organization who needs to utilize tracking would then need to be added to this group and of course would need the privilege to join Groups. 

I hope this helps!



Hi @ColinLawrence ,

That certainly does help. I'm not sure which guidance I read that stated the need for users to have "View content shared by the organisation". It wasn't stated directly in the "location-tracking-solution-with-field-maps.pdf" which I obtained from the support desk but it was in one of the pages linked to from the pdf. Maybe the guidance has already been changed. 

I think it would be helpful if this page Enable location sharing—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation

was updated to include your explanation along with reassurance that the hidden settings for the parent layer are - "users can only see their own features" (admins will see all features).




Status changed to: Implemented

The Share location section of the Field Maps Requirements documentation was updated with information from Colin's comment