Include OS in Field Maps appId in usage tracking (i.e, fieldmapsios, fieldmapsandroid)

04-12-2021 08:17 AM
Status: Open
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Understanding how our user base for ArcGIS Field Maps is distributed between Android and iOS is helpful in terms of developing training, providing support, allocating resources, etc.

Currently all of the versions of the Field Maps mobile app are showing up in ArcGIS usage logs with an appId of "fieldmaps".

We would like to have the appId include the OS of the device, such as fieldmapsios and fieldmapsandroid, depending on the OS. This would follow the pattern that is used with Collector (e.g., arcgiscollectorios, arcgiscollectorandroid, and collectorwindowsstore.)

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This is a great idea @PeterKnoop.  I recently submitted an enhancement idea to also log the OS and Version so we can see this in our AGOL Organizational Reports.  This would be extremely helpful to understand who is accessing ArcGIS Collector today through a device that does not meet the minimum specifications of Field Maps so we can prioritize upgrading or replacing those devices proactively.