GNSS Metadata Fields for Lines and Polygons in Field Maps

12-07-2021 12:26 PM
Status: Implemented
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Add auto-populated GNSS metadata fields for lines and polygons.

Currently there are 22 GNSS metadata fields that can be added to the feature services used in Field Maps.  These fields provide critical information without the need for the field data person to enter information manually.  Some of the GNSS metadata fields currently available would be very easy to add, like "Receiver Name" (ESRIGNSS_RECEIVER).  Other fields would require calculating averages or ranges, like "Average PDOP" or "Maximum PDOP" instead of "PDOP" (ESRIGNSS_PDOP).

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@DougMorgenthaler seems like this could be an easy one to move to "Partially Implemented" with " Some of the GNSS metadata fields currently available would be very easy to add, like "Receiver Name" (ESRIGNSS_RECEIVER)"


@ThomasColson the challenge here is that a given feature may be captured through the use of the GPS, but also a mix of locations defined manually.  Simply defining the receiver model as a single value in this case could allow one to misinterpret whether the entire feature was captured using the GPS (in which case the receiver model metadata is relevant) vs. a mix of GPS and manually defined locations.

We have considered including summary statistics to provide an overall view of horizontal and vertical accuracies (avg and worst) for the vertices as part of the initial collection process. I'd be interested in getting some information from those interested in this idea:

  • How well those summary statistics on horizontal and vertical accuracy would satisfy requirements 
  • How often are the geometry of these collected features are updated (vs. recollected if deemed not suitable).  



Because of the complexity of lines and polygons, how about creating a file (or fc) that automatically stores a copy of EVERY point and it's associated metadata in the exact manner that every point is collected for points, lines and polygons using the app (Field Maps). In this manner, the user can overlay these points over a point, line or polygon and visually see or calculate validity of vertices.

If a user fat fingers a point in the field, however, that modification would NOT BE reflected in the "bread-crumb" file, but could be identified post-field.

This file could be implemented as a standardized named feature class (thinking of fc template in AGOL) that could be added to Field Maps or the data could be stored locally to be manually offloaded (less desirable).


Other users have also suggested adding other types of metadata fields for lines and polygons such as average/max/min accuracy (this post), and while these would be helpful (min accuracy) they don't tell mappers where the issues lie -- only that there is an issue (or not). 


One more detail. If a point is created manually it would not be included in the "bread-crumbs" at all. Only GNSS derived points (from points,lines,polygons) would be included.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Support for GPS metadata for line and polygon features is now available in the June release of ArcGIS Field Maps.

by Anonymous User


Any idea why attachmenhts have to be enabled for this to work? The following line is in the last paragraph of the 'Capture GPS metadata for lines and polygons' section in the What's new in ArcGIS Field Maps (June 2022) blog:

 Please note that you need to enable attachments on the feature layer as well.

@Anonymous User we require this to maintain the necessary information to recompute metadata after initial creation.