Form placement allow option to dock on right side of screen in Field Maps

05-04-2021 08:36 AM
Status: Open
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Our team is using Field Maps for aerial surveys and as I mentioned in previous posts, time is very limited in compromising time looking at a screen and out the window, so making these apps as efficient as possible for rapid data collection is a concern. Currently Field Maps as opposed to Quick Capture is still the best fit for our surveys since surveyors collect data where they see features....not a set offset or directly under the plane.

Please enable the ability to dock the form on the right side of the app screen as opposed to only the bottom and left side. Our surveyors are using apple pencils with iPads and if you are right-handed you cover the screen to document features on the left-side of the screen and it is much less efficient as opposed to the form being on the right-side of the screen or especially for right-handed people.

I had originally posted on GeoNet to see if this option was available already.

Thanks and I look forward to this functionality.


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This is great information as I am working on creating my first map. Starting filed maps in communitites of disparities will help us measure services that need to be inititated by cities and communities.