Finger editing in field maps

04-06-2022 07:12 PM
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Earlier versions of Collector permitted tapping to create new lines and polygons. The current version of field maps only permits cross-hair tapping to create vertices. I work on a type 1 incident management team and this has become a deal breaker for our operation folks; it's is very inefficient. Can you please revert back to simply finger tapping to add vertices.


Agreed! The ability to draw polygons with a stylus or your finger in collector classic was incredibly useful for field users needing to map out polygons where they might not be able to safely walk out a polygon perimeter.  Re-centering the map to add each vertex manually is a major time suck, and a huge reason why field teams have not migrated to the new collector or field maps.


Or give an option.


Agreed... greatly needed for the Field Maps application. In our case, we need to draw tree crowns and doing it by adding vertices is a lot of pain. Freehand pencil would be awesome.




Yes, I agree. Freehand drawing, with or without a stylus, would greatly improve the efficiency of using Field Maps for geologic mapping. I know that the geologic mapping community would find this functionality immensely useful.
Esri essentially went backwards in this functionality between the Collector Classic and Collector/Field Maps.
Yes, there is the markup tool, but the way those data are stored is not what we are after. We would like to see the markup tool's drawing functionality, but applicable to a line or polygon feature service.

There have been forums on this in the past for Collector


Agreed, or may be both options?




I agree. This would be very useful for vegetation and wetland delineation. Our users end up just collecting point data with notes, and then coming back to the office to draw polygons around them on-screen in a web app (still somewhat laborious but at least the screen is bigger). It would be great if they could do this with a stylus in the field.


I strongly agree with this idea. Any sort of in the field habitat classification would be greatly improved and more accurate with the ability to use a stylus. 

David Tipping


Agreed, it is a real weakness in Fieldmaps lacking the ability to simply draw polygons and lines with a stylus rather than putting in the vertices. For me it is for geological mapping but I know the same request comes from vegetation mapping.

Please don’t hesitate in implementing this feature as I know it is a common issue in my industry (mining and exploration)


Our field teams would love for this to happen - would save so much time. Would be a revolutionary addition to the app! What needs to happen for this to become a considered idea for future versions?