Filter Data In Field Maps

05-09-2022 11:12 AM
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Update: Implemented! Thank you Esri.


Real-World Problem: Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Task Forces need to be able to collaborate with other teams sharing one common map. However there are times when they want to see just the data collected by their own Task Force or by a certain date. 

Technical Problem: There is no way for the end user to filter Field Maps. This means the map author needs to create separate feature layer views for every possible scenario (impossible). 

Solution: Allow the Field Map author to setup predesignated filter options like you can in Web AppBuilder or Experience Builder. Then the end-user should be able to just click on a filter button and choose how to filter (eg Date, Team, User, etc). It could just be a option in the tools dropdown.




Hey @pjdohertygis great timing! We are starting development on layer filtering this week. It is a fairly large development project with an anticipated beta this summer. Would you be interested in joining the beta when we launch one? Can you share filtering details for the task force (ie field type, is there a CVD, etc)?

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I'm actually going to close this as a duplicate of the Add a filter widget to ArcGIS Field Maps idea which has a lot of discussion already. As Jeff mentioned, this is something we are starting development on. Can you post your details on the other idea?


Did this functionality ever made it to the production environment? Just checking in see if there are any updates that you could share here.



It is in the Nov 2022 beta release for user testing.

Snippet below

The November 2022 Early Access (EA) Program includes a subset of the capabilities that will be in the November 2022 release. 

  • Get started with creating new maps and layers  from right within the Field Maps web app!
    • Create a map for data collection with new point, line and/or polygon layers
    • Configure layer settings for use in Field Maps mobile
      • Indicate the use of high-accuracy GPS receivers to collect data.
      • Indicate if the layers will be used to model or analyze 3D spaces.
  • Geofencing with point and line features 
    • Buffer point and line features to use as geofences
    • Filter features to use as geofences
  • Layer Filtering
    • Define which feature layers and fields can be filtered.
    • With Field Maps mobile, tap on the Layers tool to filter a map layer based on one or more attributes

Thank you. Any ETA on when these features will be pushed to production version and for everyone's use?



Perhaps as early as 11/10/2022... Rumor has it that 22.4.0 will be released tomorrow... I'm not 100% if layer filters are available in that release.


@JustinReynolds Has there been movement on this?  I do not see filtering available yet on the most recent releases...



Layer filtering is indeed available in Field Maps.  You can author them in AGOL (not Enterprise at the moment... pretty sure).  They are not yet full featured (e.g. can't filter by a date field).  I've played with it a bit and seems pretty good so far.  I've picked up on a few bugs every once in a while where the labels for features that were filtered out are still visible.


@JustinReynolds Thank you.  How do you go about 'authoring' them?



You can find the documentation here:  Add Layer Filters.

And how to use them in field maps here: Map and Panel - Quick Reference See item 3 "Layers" where it discusses the Filter button.