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03-11-2021 10:45 AM
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Our field worker crews are working with windows 10 tablets (MS Surface). Therefore we urgently need the new field maps running on windows (10) platform.

Update (August/03/2022) - As my post is nearly one year old: Is it in sight that there will be a fieldmaps solution for Windows OS? Any timetable?


Thanks in advance!

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According to this blog post:

There is no immediate plan to develop Field Maps for Windows.   


Stefan, Would it help to use the Field Maps web app on your Windows 10 tablets?



Unfortunately not. As we also work in regions without mobile coverage, our field staff need the option of offline processing.


We have been using collector combined with Survey123 for our Noxious Weed Department field crews who also need the option to work offline - our County is rural and mountainous. The weed department has moved to using windows tablets this year so that they can also use a plant identification software that requires windows. Collector for windows is no longer going to be maintained/updated and Field Maps is not available for Windows. We are an ESRI shop and now find ourselves with the potential inability to use the software we have at our disposal moving forward - a huge bummer and a big concern!


Can someone from ESRI please explain why Windows Devices aren't being supported?  Maybe give us an idea of when it will be?  Or should I be pressuring my IT department to get more Android or iOS devices?  We have a lot of Dell Latitudes and Surface Pros that are being used, and my IT claims to only be a "Windows Shop" and they don't like us using anything else.








I stated this before.  Many SCADA and Water Meter system providers are using Windows 10 OS for their mobile platform that are accessed via a Surface or other Windows based tablet.  These same folks are wondering why they should invest in additional mobile tech when they have it already.  Other issues I see seem to be the volatility of both the Android and IOS systems of late.  


What about building something using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for dot NET? 



That's exactly what we don't want, actually. The current use cases can be implemented excellently with the existing Explorer and Collector functions - or could be with field maps app functions. We want to use standard software as far as possible.

I can only agree with the arguments of Todd and Jon.


Yes this is also an issue for the company I work for. Currently our field work force uses ToughPad's running windows, and migrating to windows tablet/laptops. There is little appetite for additional operating systems to manage in this era of heightened cyber security threats / precautions etc. A preference is also for COTS where feasible. Combine this with remote area work, and as mentioned in previous comments, there seems to be no valid offering from Esri. This is a major step back, and seems to be a significant blind spot in Esri's product development roadmap. Esri will lose customers over this I'm sure.


Am I the only one thinking that at one point in time ArcPad covered many of the user requirements which are being requested of Collector and Field Maps?